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Development trend of domestic PVC industry


The "barbaric" growth is no longer useful for China's cable industry. The cable industry needs to transform from the old to the new, and needs new talents, new technology and new capital to make a great revolution in the original commercial strength.

Although transformation and innovation has been talked about for many years, for most cable companies, transformation has become a consensus, but not much is being done seriously, and the success of transformation is even rarer. On the road of transformation from excellent to excellent, cable enterprises have encountered the "transformation" barrier collectively.

Based on the existing model, enterprises that do not see the development in ten years need to transform. Transformation means that enterprises should try to change, but the change is not necessarily successful.

Under the trend of innovation driven China's economic growth, in the face of the domestic and international macroeconomic situation and the current situation of cable industry overcapacity, homogeneous competition and low price competition, entrepreneurs also need to turn from arbitrage entrepreneurs to innovative entrepreneurs to innovate in talent, technology and capital.

In the face of the new economic model, the habitual thinking of the past few decades has been unable to keep up with the needs of the development of the times, which is the key to the transformation and upgrading of cable enterprises. In the cable enterprise transformation period, the key is to cultivate compound senior talents suitable for enterprise transformation and upgrading. If the human resource policy can not be adjusted, it will face the situation that the development of enterprises is out of touch with the development of talents.

Secondly, it is necessary to change the previous growth mode which mainly relies on expanding factor input and extensive production scale, further energy conservation and emission reduction through product innovation and process innovation, reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, realize the transformation of green development, and continuously improve the value creation and profitability of enterprises. Enterprises should also pay more attention to technology composition, the composition between one new technology and another. Products and services form a new value and a combination, which will be the highlight.

The competition of enterprises today and in the future depends on how entrepreneurs deal with the transformation of capital operation. In order to obtain the maximum economic benefits, it is necessary to continuously improve the level of capital operation, especially in the transition period, the control of assets and the reasonable distribution of capital are very important. Including the hottest Internet plus today, it is also an effective conjunction point for cable enterprises to enhance the efficiency of traditional industries.

As long as the advantages of operation, channel and brand can't keep up with the competitive demand of the times, we need to change. Of course, it is painful to change from quantity to quality, but it is powerful after transformation. In the transformation from excellence to excellence, cable enterprises need to continuously improve team culture, fine management process, diversified capital operation, and reduce transformation risk.